Les Deux

This , is not my usual post. There is one of those coming in the next few days. This is just a picture, sharing a good thing in my daily life that is helping energize me to rejoin the blogging community.

Akirri is an Akita and German Shepherd mix, just 4 months old now and whip smart. Her name means Christmas in the Ngui language.

Miss Kitty is her new play toy, well able to defend herself and show a mere dog who’s boss.

They both came to us over the holidays.

Aw, come on down, please.

Aw, come on down, please.

4 Responses to “Les Deux”

  1. Musings from a Tangled Mind Says:

    Congrats on the new family members. Animals can be healers in so many ways. I’m glad to see your return to blogging.

  2. Cheryl @ Artzzle Says:

    Hi, Stranger. As both of your posts were in my mailbox, the newest was listed first and read in that order. Your new family members are adorable, and may be just what you need. I too, have been in a downward funk lately, but have seriously been on a search for another puppy. I miss my fuzzy newfie brothers so much, even though it’s been 3-4 years since they’re gone.

  3. Diane Appleby Driskell Says:

    Very sweet!!

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