Forging Ahead

OK, so I have my new computer, running Windows 7, and I’m enjoying its speed, though it’s tedious reloading programs and learning how and where to shut off its unwanted bells and whistles.

I’ve set about having this blog. I’ve registered a domain name, Comcado, and am starting to plan a web site. And instead of using my time writing, I seem to be using my time undoing problems I create because I don’t know enough about online interactions to ‘get it right the first time’. Like how to link the blog to the domain when the domain isn’t being actively hosted yet. Or how to get pieces of my identity correctly reflecting me, and not the stripper with my name, who has already tried to appropriate my way of spelling my name.

I’m on a learning curve – or at least I hope I am! Some days it seems more like an unlearning curve, sloped sharply downward into a state of totally frustrated chaos. Then I have to turn off the computer, go for a walk, and try to remember that this too shall pass. Actually, the ‘help’ people at WordPress have indeed been helpful, as has the friend whose Bluedome business hosts my domain.

I wish the same were true of customer service in other areas. Because of a rotten attitude toward customers in a new subsidiary of my longtime propane provider, I recently chose to change to a new supplier. And now I have another frustration, trying to figure out how to make adjustments to the utility room where my hot water heater has been reliably and safely performing for 22 years. Because of the supplier change, I had to undergo a state building code safety inspection which revealed the room is too small (supposedly) to safely supply enough fresh air for the heater. Never mind that the room is so poorly insulated that air already comes in freely around the windows and door. The inspector was nice, and made several suggestions – and could understand that I was legitimately more concerned about the pipes and washing machine freezing in our 30 below winter nights if I add 4 inch outside vents, than I am about a hypothetical exhaustion of oxygen to the heater flame. Building codes have changed since the heater was installed in 1990, So now, thanks to my choice to eliminate dealings with a rude and uncaring business office, I have to obey dictates and endure expenses that ignore my circumstances.

The inspector recognized that I’d probably create the vents and then stuff them with insulation to keep the cold out of the utility room. “What you do to protect your pipes after I verify that you’ve drilled the holes is your business,” is actually what he said. Nice man, just doing his job, recognizing that rules that don’t make sense are unlikely to be taken too seriously.

Maybe that’s where my problems lie with online issues – rules that I don’t understand and that, therefore, don’t seem to make sense to me? If I learn the language, understand the difference between replying to a post and creating a new thread, figure out how to explain the problems I’m having in a way that experts can help me resolve them… if I find my center in a whole new world…?

Have you seen those lists of adages, paired to show how contradictory they can be? Like “The early bird catches the worm” but “Slow and steady wins the race”. Well, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – but ”When you stop learning, you start dying.”

I’m not ready to die yet, not if I have a choice in the matter. So this older dog is learning new tricks as fast as I can. Please have patience with me while I do so!

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6 Responses to “Forging Ahead”

  1. best rice cooker Says:

    Howdy would you mind letting me know which webhost you are utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your web in 3 different browsers and I have to say this blog site loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a honest price? Thanks, I appreciate it! Plz also excuse if my english is not good.

    • chelawriter Says:

      The blog is at, and connected to my domain which is hosted by bluedome, a provider local to me in Northern NM for a very reasonable fee.

  2. Kip Allen Says:

    I appreciate your perception of contradictory “dichos.” After all, “Be sure you’re right, and then go ahead,” VERSUS “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread….”

    Or “You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd” VERSUS “Too many beers spoil the cook….”

    Wait a minute. Those aren’t old sayings, handed down from parent to child for generations…. They’re unsubstantiated newcomers, intruders behind your screen….

    Seriously, Niki, you could have a contest for new sayings that may fit our contemporary world better (or worse) than the older ones.

    –Kip Allen May 28, 2013

  3. ann garcia Says:

    You ARE brave. I can’t stand to face my re-write of my novel, because of computer stupidity…I’m afraid of Word. Afraid of Pages. Pages used to be fairly easy, but the techies have made it up-to-date (ie, complex). Cal Riley used to come to my house and fix all my computer woes for free; now I pay a tech. guy 50 bucks an hour and I still “don’t get it.”
    Best of luck, Niki.

  4. Wotiso Says:

    Looking forward to hearing you get used to WordPress and blogging, good luck!

    One thing that always amazes us when we expand onto a new platform is that people have taken our name!

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