For the first time in all my years of writing posts, I am not reviewing, editing or striving for a reflective balance in this essay. It is purely, as the title states, an expression of my fury at the thoughtless, selfishly ugly hordes of people who are collectively responsible for the new Covid surge. As one of those who has followed health safety practices consistently since last February, mostly staying home, avoiding indoor groups, minimizing my social interactions with close friends and doing all I can to protect both myself and my neighbors/community, I am now forced once more to do without acupuncture and massage which have been essential to maintaining my health over years, and are even more important to my well being in these times of severe stress and risk.

Because of you ugly, vicious, lying deniers I have less energy, a recurrence of bronchitis that had not troubled me for decades, increased frequency of headaches, and once again curtailed access to the treatments I have relied on to keep active and employed into my late seventies.

I blame you – and I do not think I will be forgiving you any time soon. With your blind cult devotion to the idiot who has misled you for four painfully long years, you are destroying my quality of life, you are dying in high numbers and still you are denying simple truth.

SHAME ON YOU ALL. (That is the mildest thing I can say without resort to “improper” * words.)

7 Responses to “RANT”

  1. Cheryl @ Artzzle Says:

    Total agreement from me! And whoever the kim person is, I hope that was just silly sarcastic humor, because if they are sincere in their words, I can’t understand why your reply was so friendly 😀

  2. kipallen Says:

    A Response by the Idiot Yahoo to the Rant Written by Celawriter

    Hey now, little Missie, just cool down. I don’t unnerstand why you are a-blamin’ me when we all know the virus came from China. If it had been an all-A-Merkin virus, it would NOT have struck down so many good, red-blooded citizens of what used to be a great country. I’m talkin’ ’bout the Good Ole U. S.of A. Just because the virus comes from China don’t mean that the virus is stupid. They develop them viruses in China so they (the viruses) can recognize them little slanty eyes. They can also recognize them baby blues — the evidence of a superior race. Those fellers in govermint are screamin’ and hollerin’ about us wearing masks and all. Well, what do you see when other folks are wearin’ masks?? EYES!

    pERSONALLY, i DON’T CARE FER THOSE MASKS. tHEY ARE SO THICK THEY STOP THE OXYGEN FROM GETTIN’ THROUGH AND INTO YER LUNGS. My Aunt Bethune died last week. Them fancy-ass doctors said it was ComVid, but I knowed it was from being deprived of air.

    Besides, this is Amurka. Where does it say in the sacred and holy Constitution that I gotta wear a mask? It’s like wearin’ a helmet when I ride my hoppercycle at 120 mph down the 2-lane. If I wanna turn myself into a grease spot on the asphalt, that’s my business. Just don’t get in my way.

  3. Ronald Maltais Says:

    Yes, I am in complete agreement with you and share your anger and disappointment. Unfortunately, the approaching holidays will undoubtedly bring on even more irresponsible behavior.

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