Voicing It

I am finding that the different free voice to text options currently available to me differ rather significantly. The app built into my Samsung Android phone works very nicely for text messages with few errors and little need for me to make corrections. The Google Docs app that I’m using to create this blog post persistently does not capitalize after a period. I don’t know why. I have yet to find any settings options that would let me instruct the software to capitalize after a period. Fun and games in the new to me world of tech. (new paragraph) That didn’t work either,

So I stopped dictating and edited including starting a new paragraph. I wonder if the length of pause in my dictation following a period is what triggers a capital? I just tried it. Now I need to try it without starting a sentence with I that does regularly get capitalized. Didn’t work.  nonetheless the software does reduce demands on my very painful right arm which is what has led me to try to learn a different way of creating posts. I am very aware that my thoughts flow much more smoothly directly from my brain through my fingers to the keyboard. Stopping to monitor how the software is performing impedes my thought process. One more challenge associated with the ills of aging that I am trying to appreciate as a nudge into continued engagement with an uncertain future.

 In the larger scheme of things I am very fortunate with little to complain about and much to be grateful for. Overall I still have good health and my lowest energy down days are not so severe as to prevent me from accomplishing at least the basics of my everyday routines. Also, those more serious down days are relatively infrequent or at least spaced out and not piled one after the other to the point that undone tasks stare at me and guilt trip me. 

However tedious and somewhat unsatisfactory this voice to text software is, it is nonetheless a gift that I am grateful for as it does allow me to keep to my commitment to myself to resume reasonably regular posts. the difference in how my brain functions, speaking rather than writing, is something to explore. (I just had to stop dictating and correct text that for unknown reasons began appearing in italics). I am reasonably certain that if I need to continue primarily doing voice to text writing I will want to find a program that functions more smoothly.   ( Once again the italics appeared for no apparent reason.)

I think maybe the auto save somehow triggers the switch to italics. At least that seems to be a possibility. I don’t have a lot of patience this morning to play with the software but I did want to put something up on my blog to at least indicate that I am committed to resuming somewhat regular communication and posts. I hope that by the next go round I will have better command of the software and be able to actually reflect on things rather than just report on them. In the meantime I wish all my readers and followers good days and good inner connection.

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4 Responses to “Voicing It”

  1. Kathy Fox Says:

    My daughter is dyslexic. She uses voice to text easily and naturally. I get into a dizzy state when I double task by watching for errors while thinking .
    I have a feeling in my fingers that craves typing.
    I have an alarming number of typos. Solution at the moment is to keep my eyes on the page. The double tasking labor is in refocusing my eyes not in keeping them . Staying in the moment is a comforting goal as long as I have solitude. Somewhat overwhelming in company.

  2. Cheryl @ Artzzle Says:

    I wouldn’t even want to attempt to use any of this software, so I commend you in your efforts to work with it! LOL. I don’t even like ANY of the many mobile phone options out there! In fact, last year I gave up on those and returned to a small flip phone (a modern version). It gives me everything I need and more 🙂 You know that we share those hi/low episodes. It sounds as if we’re on the same levels with that of late. I’m glad you’re in decent health and still keeping occupied and busy. So glad when I see your posts/letters in my email.

  3. Sebastian Says:

    As a short story writer, I can certainly relate to the struggles of navigating new technology that Niki describes in her blog post “Voicing It”. It can be frustrating to encounter unexpected roadblocks when trying to express one’s thoughts and ideas. The voice-to-text software Niki describes in her post sounds like it presents its own set of challenges, but it’s clear that Niki is determined to persevere and make it work. Niki’s reflection on the differences between speaking and writing, and how they impact the creative process, is particularly poignant. Despite the difficulties, it’s inspiring to see Niki’s commitment to continuing to share her thoughts and ideas with her readers and followers. I hope that by the next post, Niki will have a better command of the software and be able to delve deeper into her reflections. In the meantime, I wish Niki all the best in her endeavors.

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